The Nexus calls again, for you.  Explore the mansion and find hidden surreal worlds with a vast variety of themes. Some spooky, some relaxing. maybe even both!

Battle monsters or make some friends if you'd like but the biggest question here is... where are you?  What exactly is the nexus... Only one way to find out so play this little rpg now!

controls -

WASD - movement

Z - confirm

X - cancel

Enter  - menu



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new update!

- You can play another game on your console in the bedroom!

- no more sliding around on a single frame!

IM not able to defeat devil star i shoot it and it it changes form but the door is still not opem

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I'm impressed with the way you've drawn the sprites. Especially the TV at the very beginning. One thing I have to say the needs improvement is the overworld walking/standing cycle. Obviously there's issues rendering both parts seamlessly (I definitely had this issue as well). And coloring is pretty solid for the most part, though some parts show a bit of color seems where one 8x8 block is obviously that color over another (if you seen a zx spectrum game, it makes more sense on the color part). Otherwise its amazing regardless. 


the walk cycle has been fixed, not completely, but much less noticeable.


Thats super rad dude, I hope to this game become a classic because it screams potential. And I would love to help you try to get there any way possible 


Very visually attractive and also very confusing. Cool work!


This Reminds me Of an Nes Game and i love it


this game looks awesome, love the Art And Animations. i will say combat menus are a bit confusing.


this is really good :0 once the gb studio update releases you should touch up the game with the updated engine. theres a few things that i see could use some fixing (like the player sprite not animating sometimes) but for gb studio 2.0 you managed to squeeze quite a bit out of it. great work!


This is cool! Really enjoy the graphics and music. 


thanks man, now it's finished so it's better now...


Cool :)