You are god slayer lady named Venus who's mission is to slay gods for "purifying" the planet by exterminating all humans.

Collect all 15 bombs for the true ending!

I made this game in 3 days?! yes. Don't die at the last hallway rom. Game crashes(?)



  • WASD/arrow keys - move, enter door
  • K/Z - interact, confirm  (A)
  • J/X - shoot, cancel (B)
  • Enter  - pause, stats (Start)

3ds homebrew theme:


3ds homebrew theme (NSFW)


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God Destroyer.pocket 1 MB
God 1 MB


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the 3ds theme is gone :(

Have you uploaded it here?


here's the 3ds theme



Looks like I'm stuck after the 5th room? There's nowhere to go and backtracking to the third room (with the question mark npc) crashes the game. Am I missing anything obvious?

you need to go through the door in that last room


Came from twitter, just wanna say her design is gorgeous.

And yes it got me hard, who wouldn't lol


thumbnail makes me horny so I'm giving you a follow, king


how is your comment so innocent yet dirty at the same time lmao


Great to see you working on games now, Spicy!


thank you! Yeah I'm gonna focus on shorter games now but this one was made so quickly due to Christmas and family plans.


this game looks cool but that thumbnail is so appalling im going to block you


why is her chest built like that- :/


chest armor, free bullet proof vest


Mate how tho it just seems like a weird fet--h thing to me 


its definetly chest armor


it's an erotic +18 game, and people find breasts sexy, welcome to planet earth (:


i mean, not wrong.


the art is great as usual, though the unavoidable bullets could be toned down a bit. other than the combat hiccups its pretty good :D

yeah I made it too hard on purpose to make the game feel longer sorry but I'll make a sequel that will definitely be more polished (the last enemies actually had longer wait times to not be so unfair as an example)


yeye cant wait

Deleted 93 days ago

oh I drew and made everything myself, my twitter is Spicyfuse