No raven crash if she's outside, Prices don't wrap to 255 if your money is over 255, Enemies are much less hostile, You start the game with more money and higher stats, The canyon with the snakes don't get stuck on the bridges, Doors have wider gaps, Name input collision fixed, Bosses more properly balanced, Ice labyrinth and final dungeon greatly reduced difficulty, Final boss is more opposing, Better tutorials and sense of direction (signs will say if the area is too hard earlier on and Penny will say how to water plants by simply pressing A/X key)

Welcome to the world of RunieStory!

Befriend locals, romance a girl, or even go on an adventure for money for gifts! An action RPG inspired by Stardew Valley and Rune Factory where you befriend or romance townsfolk or go explore dungeons. There is a lot of things to do such as farming, cooking and hunting! The main goal is to get married and get to know everyone the exploring dungeons.


  • WASD/arrow keys - move, enter door
  • J/X - interact, confirm  (A)
  • K/Z - cancel (B)
  • Enter  - pause menu (Start)
  • Shift - Teleport home (select)

Special thanks to Cakesin, Deveneleven111, & SGM

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TagsAction-Adventure, Action RPG, analogue-pocket, Dating Sim, Game Boy, gb-studio, Pixel Art, Top-Down


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Just played it through in one big play session this morning. I really enjoyed the art and was surprised at just how much dialogue there was and it never felt boring. I mostly focused on talking to Raven but would often talk to the others along the way just to hear more.

For a good while in the beginning I was grinding in the magma area since I couldn't find anything to do in the forrest. After dying a lot and feeling like there must be something I'm missing, I talked to the parrot and learned about the order of the 4 areas and the bosses. The forrest temple had me confused because I went there multiple times and didn't realize that the tiles on either side of the statue were an entrance.

After getting the upgrade I felt like I had a chance at going through the whole game. I played the patched ROM so I don't know if things were different before, but I felt like grinding didn't bring me much benefit. The only thing that really made a difference was getting the power ups.

The only thing I found majorly frustrating was how enemies can still deal damage even as they are blowing up (and still moving around) post death. This even happened to me on the final boss where I won, got the victory text box, then died from the boss's explosion moving into me.

The amount of content for such a short dev time is crazy, it's clear you put a lot of work into this so kudos! I had quite a fun time playing :)

Is possible to play Runiestory in gameboy DMG because the file is .gb?

only gameboy color sorry

BIG UPDATE! This is the final version of the game, please download the new .gb file!

Deleted 1 day ago

if anyone is having problems with the game with any error screens and such, an update is coming later today that will resolve all those issues as I spent a day fixing everything I found unfair or buggy including graphical bugs.

In this game, I had 10,040 in money. When I paid 2000 to blacksmith to fix kitchenware, 10,004 dropped to 2550. this doesn't make sense because 10,040 minus 2000 is 8,040.

I think this is a gameboy limitation as 255 is the highest number, when subtracted, it wraps the number back to 255

Happended me too when I will talk to raven that is front of blacksmith.

game looks hype, hope issues below can be fixed

(1 edit)

I just talked to raven and got this

what did you do before it happened?


idk bout game design so i don't know how much all of it matters but:

I grinded to lv3, gave a tomato to Penny and a taco to Olive, I talked to Raven and she asked something about talking to Orcs, i responded with "No" and then it happened.

There's also a visual bug when you press attack in the ceremony hill.


ah yeah I'm not sure what happened but luckily this is a very rare bug, it may be a glitch with the collision and loading too many sprites at the same time which is a little confusing on how it happens in the first place