An rpg about collecting robots and upgrades!

This entire game and etc. was made in only 8 days!

Press B on the first screen for sound test.

Bugs/glitches found: 'run' can cause player to not be visible

  • WASD/arrow keys - move, enter door, climb
  • K/Z - interact, jump, confirm
  • J/X - cancel, attack
  • Enter  - start, pause
  • Shift - select


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tinkercore 1 MB
Tinkercore.pocket 1 MB


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hello , only 8 days ! Well done. have you got a gbstudio files Please ?  


where can i buy a physical copy?


this game reminded me of metal walker

Hi, i have tried the pocket version but after the fire camp, it always crash, and save won't work after the crash.
Perhaps it's on pocket fault but just to give feedback.

In web version nothing happens after intro


AWESOME!!! love the rock-paper-scissors style combat, nice retro art style 

thanks man, I'm glad to see someone enjoys the combat as it was gonna be more complex but it was a game jam game I had to make in 7 days


it reminds me a little bit of pokemon with the type advantages system


very nice

What I am supposed to do in the "Music" screen? I press J, K, B, Enter, Shift... nothing happens. Help.

it's j/X on the SEIZURE WARNING Screen.


¿final version?

si, es el version final.


The art and music are amazing, and the story is short but engaging. I liked that you left a lot of things ambiguous. My one complaint is that because every attack does damage to you and you can't always run, I got stuck in the swamp level for a while because I was down to three health and couldn't make it past an enemy (I eventually found a way around it, but it would have been nice to go back to an earlier save).

Is this a Portal FanGame.


Okay, I used to see such a beautifully crafted design as yours. Congratulations!

Thanks man


This is Awesome!. Sorry you missed the GB compo :/

the atmosphere you got here is amazing and the sprite work is top-notch.
Combats SImple it's not too crazy mostly just trail and error.

overall i enjoyed it :>


thanks man I appreciate it, I wish it got in too...

But this only means I can make whatever I want now

I'm currently working on a trailer